Tello Restaurant Concepts is a company inspired by remarkable dining experiences. From our beginnings as a single restaurant in 1999, as with every new restaurant concept, we are looking to make a connection. We want you to love our restaurants. We invite you to get to know the many personalities of Tello Restaurant Concepts. Working at TRC has it's benefits! 

*There's a concept that fits your lifestyle
*The service provided to guests is exceptional which translates to great earnings potential
*The food is delicious, and you receive a 40% discount on food - all of the time!
*The work environment is beautiful
*Employee incentives

Pride, Urgency and doing the right thing. We take pride in everything that we do and expect our staff to do the same, what does this mean? It means questioning yourself when you know you missed a spot while mopping. It means never leaving tasks until they are finished completely, sending a dish back that is not perfect while in the middle of a rush, instead of attempting to pass it off. Urgency means walking faster, but talking slower, this motivates people to be more precise and get things done more accurately. Gossip is idle talk and is a byproduct of an idle staff, stop it or influence it in a positive manner. Do the right thing every time you are faced with a decision. You will sleep better, work harder, excel further and positively influence everyone around you. You will become a leader. 

Great food is non-negotiable. We take pride in every dish that we prepare and insure that it is delicious and beautiful. We believe in using the freshest and highest quality ingredients that have incredible flavor and offer value to our clients. Our restaurants are a special place where you can rejuvenate yourself with our food. 

We Believe in Legendary Customer Service. Our restaurants and staff offer legendary customer service, systematically. We provide our guests with a feel good, memorable experience while enjoying honest food and genuine smiles. 

Clean and organized "Mis en place". We value cleanliness, systems and organization. By having a spotlessly clean restaurant and everything in its place we put our guests and staff at ease so we can focus on high quality food and warm sincere service.

Teach, lead and learn...and then learn some more. We believe in training our staff to be experts in the field of foodservice. We provide an environment for staff to earn a living and an education to grow with the company or to leave with tools to blaze their own trail. We believe that employees need a challenging, cultured environment to grow and be happy.

We strive to be innovative and change quite often to improve our operation. We consider ourselves a forward-looking company and we are always ready to change at a moment’s notice. We know that doing what you always did will only get you what you’ve always had. We challenge our systems, menus and training to create a company that is constantly improving itself.  


We love your feedback. Send us a note!

Need to yell at us or praise us? Have an idea or recipe you'd like to see? We love feedback; it's how we get better.