We're all in this together...

In the light of the most recent events.

I would like to communicate some of the things we are doing to address the novel coronavirus pandemic.  We take safety and sanitation practices very seriously.  Most of all we are being intentional about our efforts to minimize any risk in our restaurants. Our hope is that we put your mind at ease and to let you know, we are diligent in our efforts and a responsible part of our community. Rest assured that when you come to our restaurant, you will be safe. You will be able to relax and simply enjoy your company over a simple, delicious meal.

Let's all stay positive and intentional and above all keep scrubbing,

With clean hands,
David Militello

In addition to a review of our sanitation procedures we have implemented some new practices that will offer a more thorough level of safety.
  • We don’t work sick. No exceptions...
  • We space our tables out to provide a safe distance from other guests.
  • All of our managers are Serve Safe certified.
  • Our utensils are rolled ahead of time and stored in sealed containers until tables have been sanitized after each use.
  • As always- tableware, surfaces, and chairs are sanitized after each use.
  • Antibacterial hand soap is used in our bathrooms.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at different points in our restaurant.
  • Door handles are repeatedly sanitized during each shift.
We train our staff on the requirements of our local health department, and specifically, foodservice sanitation.  Here are a few of the topics in our training system:
  • Major causes of food borne illness and controlling the spread of bacteria and viruses.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Specific Hand washing steps.
  • Personal health, not allowing sick employees to work.
  • Proper food handling that starts at our back door and ends at your table.
  • Testing our sanitation equipment daily.