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Dine-In Menu

Pasta and Mains
This menu is not available for the selected day

dried cherry, garlic, toasted walnut, gorgonzola, chile

$ 17.00

fresh sage & brown butter pan sauce, winter squash and toasted walnuts

$ 18.00

tello signature, eight-hour braised beef & pork, parpadelle pasta

$ 17.00

tomato braised meatballs or grilled Italian sausage served in our house marinara

$ 16.00

pancetta, fresh fennel, tomato, lemon, calamari, six jumbo shrimp, garlic, chile flake

$ 17.00

olive oil, rosemary, garlic, fennel, summer vegetable, tomato, olives, potatoes

$ 21.00

assorted wild mushrooms,winter squash, tuscan kale, garlic, tomatoes, pecorino

$ 17.00

assorted forest mushrooms, rich marsala pan sauce. served with seasonal vegetables

$ 18.00

house-made bolognese, béchamel, pecorino

$ 17.00

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