Sophie's specializes in the finest Midwestern corn-fed beef. Wet aged in house for a minimum of 30 days. We sear it exactly the way you like it at 1800° Fahrenheit in our signature high temperature steak broiler. We source our beef from an exclusive vendor that allow us to hand pick sub-primal cuts that meet our strict specifications. Then, we wet age in house for a minimum of 30 days. 

Aged beef is the delicacy for which we all yearn. When selecting a steak for tenderness and flavor, often our customers may ask, “Which is the right steak for me? Lean, Marbled, Wrapped or Capped?” The answer depends upon which flavor one prefers, tenderness, fat content, and juiciness factors, and how much one wishes to pay. Scrumptious, succulent, wet-aged tender steaks are hand selected with care by our trained chef to be moist, juicy, and full of flavor.

Our professionally trained chef has a rigorous quality control standard that ensures our steak customers are both happy and well satisfied with our excellent wet-aged steaks. Whether you prefer the Bone-In Ribeye, Top Sirloin or Filet Mignon, there is a wet-aged steak just calling your name, waiting to visit your table.

We hand select each sub-primal loin and cut our steaks in house daily. Your steak is seared exactly the way you like it at 1800° Fahrenheit in our signature High Temperature steak broiler. This specialty broiler produces a signature crust or "caramelization", called the Maillard reaction. This is the steak you dream of in your sleep. Textured and flavorful crust on the outside, juicy and tender throughout. 

Whether it is a House ground burger or a perfectly cut Ribeye-Steak. Sophie's is the place to cure your appetite for the finest Midwestern corn-fed, aged, high quality steaks .

David Militello